Reducing uncertainty and mitigating risks through intelligence services to support corporate tactical and 

strategic decisions.

TMIC offers intelligence services for private entities with commercial and legal interests in South and Central America, Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom.
TMIC is the first port of call for European companies that develop commercial relations in South and Central America and vice versa.

TMIC was founded in 2016 as a consulting company specialized in services of businesses  intelligence and legal world, through the preparation of due diligences and investigations of legal, commercial, financial, and reputational nature of companies and individuals.


reduce uncertainty

TMIC is the European leader in business intelligence services in Spanish – speaking countries. We seek to reduce business uncertainty and to support corporate strategic decisions through investigation and strategic services: Investigation as a tool for prevention and reduction of commercial, legal, financial, and reputational risks; Strategy as a mechanism to guide and inform company’s strategic decisions related to the development of new activities and markets.

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Multilateral organisations represent a market opportunity of billions of EUR in all kinds of sectors, purchasing goods and services to cover very specific needs in developing countries. The World Bank, UN agencies, the EU, Multilateral Development Banks, as well as Bilateral organisations, are continuously launching tenders and grants opportunities open to the participation of profit and non-profit entities in many different areas. At TMIC we offer our know-how and network of partners in more than 100 countries to support your company in the required business development efforts to succeed in this endeavour.

Leading Group in intelligence services for Hispanic markets.