Reliability, confidentiality, integrity, independence.

About us 

TMIC was founded in 2016 as a consulting company specialized in services of businesses  intelligence and legal world, through the preparation of due diligences and investigations of legal, commercial, financial, and reputational nature of companies and individuals.

We are in a moment of constant change, in which the environment, our clients and society are facing increasingly complex issues. We provide solutions related to non-traditional business’ risks commonly present in business practices, international expansion processes or litigious situations, among others. Trust has never been so important, it is the link that connects your organization, your professionals, your clients, your stakeholders with the rest of the world.

Our services are aimed at preventing and mitigating risks through intelligence solutions applied to the business world that provide reliable, truthful, and independent information, with the aim of offering a product that facilitates decision-making. TMIC services respond to both tactical needs, offered through various research products such as due diligence or background check, as well as strategic ones, which seek to address a strategic aspect of your organization by offering conclusions to the analysis of all those factors, internal and external that impact on your global objectives.

TMIC works for private entities with commercial interests in South and Central America, Spain, Portugal, France, and the United Kingdom. TMIC is the first port of call for European companies that develop commercial relations in South and Central America and vice versa.

TMIC is composed of highly-qualified multidisciplinary consultants and legal experts, capable of providing creative, innovative, and effective solutions to the different needs of our clients and puts at your disposal its wide network of local collaborators to offer the necessary confidence and rigour to your needs. Our long-standing experience working with the leading companies in the sector give us the necessary background to build close relationships with our clients, to understand their needs and expectations and to provide the best and most efficient solutions.