Our services provide reliable, confidential, integral and independent information to orient decision-making processes.


Multilateral organisations represent a market opportunity of billions of EUR in all kinds of sectors, purchasing goods and services to cover very specific needs in developing countries. The World Bank, UN agencies, the EU, Multilateral Development Banks, as well as Bilateral organisations, are continuously launching tenders and grants opportunities open to the participation of profit and non-profit entities in many different areas. At TMIC we offer our know-how and network of partners in more than 100 countries to support your company in the required business development efforts to succeed in this endeavour.

The TMIC team counts with a long-track record working with the most renowned and specialised companies, supporting and advising them in the strategic design and management of their bidding activity in relation to public procurement procedures before national, international and multilateral organisations. TMIC supports your organization by providing security in your relationships with third parties and avoiding unnecessary risks when participating in public procurement procedures.


Analysis of the bidding potential. 

TMIC supports your company in its internationalization process towards new markets through its participation in public tenders’ procedures. An exhaustive research and analysis process will be developed in order to identify the main markets of interest (including the main contracting authorities, relevant sectorial actors and competitors), as well as their potential, viability and form of entry, with the aim of facilitating the identification of future business opportunities that match your needs and capacities. The contracts and investments made by the relevant contracting authorities will be studied and analysed in order to identify information such as the number of public procurement procedures launched in the past years, the main procedures used, main contractors, etc.

Support prior to the tender. 

Our experience allows us to support your company during the phase of analysis and evaluation of the specifications and terms of reference, analysing the determining factors of the tender and identifying the main risks during the tender phase and for its potential execution. Likewise, TMIC helps your company to identify local partners and experts and to negotiate the commercial agreements with them in order to complement and enhance your offer while avoiding potential legal risks.

Evaluation and analysis of the award notices. 

Who is the awarded company? Is it a recurrent or closer contractor of the awarding authority? How are the evaluation criteria applied? Are they substantial grounds to contest or appeal the awarding decision?

TMIC has the response to any of these or other questions that may arise after the notification of the awarding decision. Our team of experts will search and investigate in depth with the aim of providing accurate information for a better understanding of the awarding decision and the viability of its potential challenge.