Reducing business uncertainty and supporting corporate strategic decisions through investigation and strategic services.


TMIC is the European leader in business intelligence services in Spanish – speaking countries. We seek to reduce business uncertainty and to support corporate strategic decisions through investigation and strategic services: Investigation as a tool for prevention and reduction of commercial, legal, financial, and reputational risks; Strategy as a mechanism to guide and inform company’s strategic decisions related to the development of new activities and markets.

The growing international instability that challenges companies' sustainability places the collection of precise and robust information at the core of modern organisations that seek to maximise awareness and reduce uncertainty and riskMaking business abroad increases risk in companies and business leaders' responsibility. Our team of experts develop different tailor-made services to anticipate risks and guide the decision-making process.

 Do you know the capabilities, experience, and reputation of your partner in a project?  Do you know who the most reliable distributors and services providers are?  Is your client financially solvent?  Is your local representative a trusty person? ➔ Have you screened the background of your last recruitment?   Has your company assessed the potential impact of political and social changes in a certain market?  Do you really know your competitors? 



Corporate investigation

TMIC provides accurate and objective information about a specific company and its main members to detect any type of risk signal that may negatively impact your organisation in an economic, legal, or reputational way.

We collect evidence through primary and secondary, formal and informal sources, which provide us with non-suggested elements that allow us to make an accurate assessment of an organisation. Thus, we provide the necessary security to establish business relationships with a particular company and high level executives while avoiding potential economic, reputational and criminal risks to our clients.

We have experienced professionals, technological means and the right tools to carry out a thorough investigation on any organisation located in South and Central America, Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom


Reputational intelligence.

The image of a business, its leadership and the reputation of its products have a direct influence on the growth of its activity. The importance of corporate reputation lies in the fact that it can provide competitive advantages since, in the face of an increasingly homogeneous market with respect to the products and services offered, it is necessary to have other differentiating elements and a good reputation can mark the difference between one company and another.

A good corporate reputation translates into retention of interest groups and, therefore, in greater loyalty from clients, workers, investors, stakeholders, social entities, etc., which results in greater possibilities of recommendation and, therefore, in greater benefits

Businesses are too often in “reaction mode" about an undesired evolution of their image, whereas the reflection and analysis of weak signals can facilitate the understanding of trends, the anticipation of potential risks and a wider perspective on the competition.


Reputational risk analysis. 

Investigation that analyses and assesses the image of an organisation, whether a future partner, local representative, client or your own business, with a close look to the reputation of its executives and commercial partners.We seek to provide accurate and objective information about these actors and to detect any type of risk indicator that may generate any type of negative impact in our client.


Background check / screening.

This is a tool for human resources whose purpose is to prevent risks in an organisation. It is conceived as a specific control to mitigate the risks involved in a professional selection and hiring process of employees or external agents. The career path is thoroughly reviewed and the information on the resume is checked with accuracy. Essential service so that a normal hiring does not end up posing a risk to the organisation.


E-reputation (multi-active listening).

NETOPINION Artificial Intelligence at the service of branding and social audience in a single platform. Pioneering platform in Spain to manage, monitor and measure the reputation of brands, products-services, people and / or campaigns on the Internet. It is the only tool on the market that allows active multi-listening, developed by experts in Natural Language Processing (NLP), with AI models that reduce noise when listening and that has advanced analytics and visualisations with the possibility of access via API.



Market Entry Strategic Analysis (MESA).

Entering a new market involves analysing many fronts, whether logistic, regulatory or commercial, that shall guide the future strategic decisions. Our team of experts in business internationalisation, supported by TMIC's local network, assesses all the different aspects that would have an impact on your strategy and provides tailor-made and practical responses to minimise risks and reduce times and costs.

TMIC helps companies to develop their strategy to enter a particular market, offering precise information about the market, its potential, the most suitable forms of entry, possible competitors, customers or the appropriate location. We provide all relevant factors to consider when deciding the feasibility of entering an unknown market.

Competitive Intelligence.

The studies and analyses carried out by TMIC allow its clients to better control the commercial, regulatory, socioeconomic, political and technological factors that may have a negative impact and cause a risk to their competitive abilities in a foreign country.

Our work provides a better understanding of key competitive issues such us the impact of a new regulation for foreign investors, the situation and evolution of a certain competitor or the key political, social and business players in a certain sector or market (circles of power).

Active surveillance: reducing geopolitical risk.

Continuous political, economic, social and business watch to identify trigger events, key indicators, relevant news, trends and potential opportunities in foreign countries.

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