Business Strategy


TMIC provides business leaders with forward-looking business strategy consulting services that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability and to ensure future success. Our services help our clients not only to formulate winning strategies, but also to execute them through a close support and coordination during the phase of implementation, whether at the national or the international level. TMIC brings fresh insight, clarity and deep industry expertise to the table, dig into the numbers, and come up with pragmatic, creative solutions that have lasting impact.


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Preparation of offers for tenders

Feasibility studies

Market entry strategy

Development and evaluation of business plans

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Development of alliances and associations

Development of commercial agendas and missions

Getting established and other services in foreign markets

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Innovative business models

Bidding strategy and proposal development for national  international and multilateral projects: opportunities alert, preparation and coordination of offers and project management.

Incentive and grants solutions