Our services provide reliable, confidential, integral, and independent information to orient decision-making processes.

Litigation and arbitration support 

Disputes, whether or not they take legal course, increasingly depend on sustaining the facts and demonstrating how they occurred. Having the necessary, complete, understandable and well-compiled information can be decisive when facing a judicial process. Assessing the potential risk of a specific event minimizes the possibility of it happening. TMIC services are designed not only to protect companies from negative effects on their reputation, but also to avoid potential economic losses derived from a judicial process.

Collection of documents. 

When we seek to know the legal reality of a legal person we need to obtain official documentation. TMIC collects legal and corporate documentation from official bodies located in the Iberian Peninsula and in any Spanish-speaking country in Latin America: articles of association, minutes of directors, annual accounts and financial statements, etc.

Asset location & investigation. 

We can identify locate, analyse and value the assets of a specific person, either through its participation in commercial companies or individually. Knowing the assets of a person can be decisive to know their real financial situation in order to facilitate the hypothetical payment of a due amount (execution of judicial titles such as claims for alimony, short or long-term private debts or any non-payment due).

Pre-judicial Intelligence. 

Being experts in the study and objective analysis of legal situations, circumstances and evidence, TMIC can provide an accurate assessment of a certain situation, collect legal and corporate information and retrieve testimonies to support the prior preparation and design of a judicial strategy.


reduce uncertainty

Legal support in foreign markets 

Diversification into new markets can entail numerous legal risks. Knowing its regulatory framework and the best practices for entering it allows us to ensure the viability and sustainability of our project. In order to mitigate the potential risks inherent in the entrance to any foreign market, TMIC not only counts on its international experience but also that of its alliance of local collaborators, all of them renowned lawyers who have been supporting the internationalization of European companies in their countries of origin for many years.

Regulatory and legal risk analysis. 

We are specialists in studies of new or existing legislation in Latin American countries. Thanks to the legal training of a large part of our team and to their experience advising different internationalization processes, TMIC carries out legal studies on the different legal frameworks of application and analyses the potential risks that could affect the viability of the project.

Getting stablished abroad. 

TMIC advises and guides you in the design of the best entry and implementation strategy in the new market. We help you to expand your company through the creation of a legal entity that allows you to operate in the new market, carrying out the different acts before the notaries and the relevant registries, as well as other formalities before public administrations, or the identification, negotiation and legal support to enter into commercial agreements with local partners and suppliers.