Values & Commitments


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In our procedures, proposals and methodology. TMIC is committed to transparency in wide sense, offering clients a close methodology that allows them to follow the work in detail.

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Market-oriented services 

Our experience proofs that consulting companies frequently err on the side of theory, delivering dense studies and analysis that lack of practical solutions. TMIC seeks to understand your specific needs to carry out tailor-made strategic intelligence services that will lead to practical and efficient results.

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TMIC commits itself to respect a strict ethical and legal framework as defined in its Ethical chart. All of its employees, collaborators and partners act in strict compliance with the rules and regulations in effect in the countries they work in.

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Is the basis of the relationship of trust TMIC builds with all of its partners. Mindful of its clients’ issues, TMIC guarantees the strictest discretion and security of the information it is entrusted with.




At TMIC, we define business ethics as understanding, embracing and displaying the highest standards of integrity in the day-to-day conduct of our business. It means accepting responsibility, as a company and as individuals, to do what is right and maintain a highly ethical work environment. Following through on that responsibility earns us the trust, credibility and customer loyalty we need to build our brand. Meanwhile, our internal commitment to training and compliance helps us build employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Our customers, suppliers and other partners often entrust TMIC with their own confidential and proprietary information. We handle third-party proprietary information in accordance with the terms of its disclosure and in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We do not accept third-party proprietary information unless the owner of such information has agreed to its transfer. We do not receive third-party proprietary information without authorization.